The gift that keeps on giving

Last Sunday we had our Staff Christmas dinner. As you can imagine a party for the staff of an adult boutique is a little racier then your average office holiday get together.

As 7 of us sat around lush pillows at a low lit table sipping wine little games of story telling began. The object of the game was to come up with the most interesting and sexiest story on what ever the given topic was. It was fun and titillating and definitely an interesting way to get to know your co-workers but I also found it personally very challenging.

Not because I don’t have any good stories to tell, but actually because I have too many. So many in fact, that I cease to find any of them all that interesting.

The first story topic was the most unusual or interesting place you’ve had sex. As flashes of my sexual history played in my head I struggled to find something that I considered unique or interesting.

I’ve done it in parks, in alleyways, at the beach, on the greyhound bus, the dark corner of a night club and even the darker back row of a movie theater, but non of these seemed all that noteworthy, just the standard places that one throws down when out of the bedroom and feeling frisky.

I have often wondered how much wild kinky and swinging from the chandeliers sex one must have before they become cavalier and jaded with the process all together.

Apparently it is about 15 years worth.

The next round of story telling was on the topic of your best kiss. I couldn’t come up with a thing. I ended up telling the unfortunately sad story of how I sometimes like to make out with my overly affectionate cat.

I kept hoping that the topic of best threesome or craziest fantasy or something that would give me a much shallower pool of options to wade through would come up.

But it never did and I felt like I left my co-workers a little disappointed that the new, seemly wild and outrageous girl didn’t have something juicier to share.

So to make it up to them, and to offer you, dear reader, a little something, I give you this.

The story of my best orgasm.

It was the early summer of 1999. I was in my early 20s and living in Toronto at the time. It was past last call at my favorite night club and I had drank just enough to be very open to suggestion.

I was approached by a beautiful French Canadian girl who had once been a lover of my exs. She coyly asked me if I could do her a huge favor and I said “sure” and asked her what it was.

She leaned in close to me and as I could feel her hot breath tickling my ear as she explained that it was her friend’s birthday tonight and that she would really like to give me as a gift. She gave a tug on the cheap collar I always wore at the time to emphasize her point and I immediately felt myself leak all over my skin tight leopard print pvc pants. I quickly nodded an agreement to her proposal and then was lead by afore mentioned collar across the dance floor to a goddess in spiked heels leaning against the bar.

My French lady leader, who I will call Elle not to protect her identity but because I honestly don’t remember her name, introduced me to the birthday girl, Charlotte, as her gift to do with as she pleased.

Charlotte just smiled pulled my face in close and kissed me so deeply that my knees buckled. When she broke away her only words were “she’ll do” and then started to head for the door. I was pulled along by Elle and the three of us caught a cab to her place.

Only minutes after being in the door it was obvious that my night would be spent as a play toy to the two. We all stripped and I was pushed to the floor and had my face straddled by each of them in turn, the birthday girl first of course. Once they were both satisfied they turned their attention on making sure I got mine.

I would like to state for the record that until this point I had never in my life cum solely at the hands, or any other part for that matter, of anyone but myself.

I was pinned on my back to the floor by Elle holding my arms. Charlotte pulled a double dildo out of somewhere and began fucking me with it. They both took turns playing with my nipples and sucking on my clit.

I writhed and bucked on the floor, I peeked and got close to the edge but still couldn’t cum. It felt like they hand been working on me forever. I was in a completely delirious state of pleasure but still could not break whatever wall kept me from cuming.

Then Charlotte said, almost matter of factly, “we’re not stopping till you cum, even if we’re here till dawn, so cum for me baby” and flicked my clit with her tongue.

That was it, apparently all I needed was a little encouragement. I thrashed and screamed and rode that double dildo to what to this day I still consider to be the most amazing and earth shattering orgasm of my life.

I may have forgotten the name of the girl who offered me up, but I will never forget Miss Charlotte or the wonderful gift she gave me on her birthday.