A gift for our beloved bibliophiles.

If you've ever wanted to watch women read and have an orgasm (and haven't we all, really) Clayton Cubitt has a wonderful gift for you: Hysterical Literature. Really, it's clothed women reading aloud as someone out of shot pleasures them with a vibrator.

Okay, sexy orgasm faces aside, I think this is a really interesting thing to post on youtube of all places in that it tests the boundaries of what is and is not "decent" and poses a lot of questions about YT's policy and censorship in general (questions The Art of Loving knows a thing or two about). I also like the play on Hysteria and sexual repression in the face of those questions.

Cubitt's quoted in ANIMAL speaking about the work:

The emphasis is really about the art and literature and the dichotomy between mind/body and high/low, between what is celebrated and what is considered dirty.

You can watch the first video, starring porn star Stoya and "Necrophilia Variations" by Supervert, here!