Gimme Some Sleep!

I've been having lucid dreams, like most people, I suppose for most of my life. I just clued in to something very, very useful about them. Besides slaying-the-monster-useful. I realized this morning that I can have a relationship with anyone I want. I know I'm dreaming when I'm dreaming, so I don't wake up all despondant and disappointed in 'reality' striking. Dreamtime's another, more absurd and surprising reality and I am looking forward to continuing what was started this week in bed. No scuba gear required for when we 'dive deep' into the murky waters. We can breathe down there just fine! I'm unsure what the tupperware filled with delicious meals are doing behaving like jelly fish, but they look happy? Oh wait! Obvious one, dream brain. Delicious meals=Jelly. Back to the sex! The sensual playtime with one gorgeous specimen of humanity -he can sing! -he doesn't need shoes! -eye contact skills! -fur in the right spots! Pupils dilated as they do the REM dance.