Guys who participate in body policing will also participate in getting a verbal smack-down.

Shout out to the ladies participating in No Shave November! A quick search on Twitter will show a disheartening number of body-shaming nasties spewing double standards about body hair – @FillWerrell’s “Girls who participate in No Shave November will also participate in No D December” having set it off.

My voluptuous pit hair and I just wanted to let you in on two secrets: one is that no one but you is in charge of your body and whether or not you shave, wax, or pluck it. The other is that being comfortable with your body and the hair it naturally damn grows is hot as hell.

Plus, if I’ve gotta look at my partner’s patchy amateur porn 'stache all month, he’ll be (happily) caressing my furry legs.