Halloween and its costumes

Hallow's Eve is close and I can feel it in the air. Pumpkins, candy, scary spooky stuff and costumes! So basically, my type of holiday. However, I feel with the advent of this glorious holiday, I have to reiterate that Halloween is not an excuse to dress in racist/transphobic costumes.

Not only are you encouraging the blatant racism of cultures and making fun of how a person looks, it's tacky as hell. Even if it's done with the most innocent of intentions, your costume can still perpetuate harmful stereotypes and stigmas, which can invite in more aggressive racist attitudes. Note how most racist costumes are in the catergories of "Funny" or "Sexy". The question I want to ask is "What about these groups of people makes them exotic or humourous?"

Answer: NOTHING.

Feel free to dress up as a Sexy Bee or Sexy (insert Disney character here) but please. Think before you decide to go as a Sexy Geisha or Sexy "Indian" Girl or Sexy Any Minority.