Hank and The Ignorant One

In the last 2 years that I have worked here, I have noticed people seem to react in one way or another about my choice of employment.  I find it fairly amusing.  Its either “Ohhh that’s really cool” and they go on to ask me all sorts of questions and share knowledge, basically letting me know that they are totally open to it and that they approve/admire my line of work.  Then there’s the “Oh, that’s… interesting…” Followed by red face, uncomfortable silence and maybe an uncomfortable remark to let me know that they are trying to be ok with it, but really they wish they had never asked.  Another reaction, which I found particularly interesting was the say nothing, nod your head and quickly change the subject and pretend not to hear me.  This extreme uncomfortable ignorance has reared its head more than a few times…

One time in particular, which still makes me laugh my head off thinking about, my boyfriend and I had spent a good part of a Sunday morning cleaning up our room and making a nice brunchy breakfast to eat in our freshly tidied room while we waited for a certain family member to bring our daughters back.  When they arrived, we were sitting in our bedroom, adjacent the lovely well stocked night stand.  That particular day, there happened to be a certain favourite black dildo, complete with balls and veins sitting on the night stand.  These things are definitely a regular bedroom fixture for us, so I don’t usually think about the fact that other people might be uncomfortable.

Anyways, family member came with our girls and had some gifts for us.  Instead of waiting they all came right into the bedroom and family member started taking pictures of us.  I knew family member saw it, but she said not a word.  Instead, she opted to play pretend and take pictures of some of us with big blackie in the backdrop.  Me and my guy reviewed the photos (giggling ferociously) and sure enough, there it was!  There was NO way she didn’t see it.  My question is why, WHY would you take a picture with that so clearly in focus in your nice family photo? Oh my.