Happy and Healthy Relationships

As I am typing out this soon to be blog post, the How to Get... and Keep The Relationship You Want seminar is happening in our store! So, why not talk about some relationship advice for anyone who is either having problems or just wants to know if they're on the right track.

The first thing that I have to say is... COMMUNICATE!

Communication is literally key to keeping a great relationship, or fix one that isn't so hot right now.

When my boyfriend and I fight, it's literally my least favourite thing. Not even burnt toast beats that. We are both so stubborn that neither of us wants to talk about it at first, which is why it's okay to hang out in seperate rooms to cool off before you actually can communicate. It always depends on the person and the couple, but for me, about 30 minutes is enough time to go back to him and talk about what's bothering me at the time.

After we talk about it, I usually end up in tears (because I'm a big baby) and we both apologize. We start cuddling and move on after we reconcile.

Sometimes, the easiest thing is to go to bed angry, and that's totally okay! Sometimes it's better to sleep it off and talk about it again in the morning, but it's not a good idea to just sleep it off and never mention it again. That's ignoring the problem, and not communicating.

Even if it's talking about being unsatisfied during sex, you or your partner may get offended during the talk, it's better than keeping it in a tiny little tense box while he/she does something that you don't enjoy or feel comfortable with, or you're just not satisfied with the foreplay.

Avoiding conflict is probably the worst thing you can do.

When you avoid conflict, you just thing you'll forget about it, but in reality you never do. It could make you two drift apart, make you more tense towards your partner, or it could blow into an even bigger conflict - or fight - if you don't end up talking about it.

As I said before, communication is key.