Have you ever thought about how much FUN it is WORKING at the Art of LOVING! We are HIRING!

So being one of the owners of the Art of Loving i have many stories of wonder at having a customer return to the store and say wow thanks that really made a differenace or the partner of somebody who was in the store taking one of our seminars come in and say " I thought my partner was good in bed before and had nothing else to learn but i was pleasantly mistaken".   

  I dont think a day has gone by when I was working in the store or presenting a seminar that i didnt have an ear to ear grin about one thing or another.   I like to think of all the Karma pleasure points we bank working here and besides touching peoples lives and helping them to learn how to touch and recieve more pleasure we are slowly changing the community and how people accept and tolerate anything sexual more and more and this makes for a more and more peaceful planet in my observation.

We have 2 customer service positions opening - one is part time and the other is full time and if you want to apply send your resume to info@theartofloving.ca   or visit our front page for more details. 

Join us and help us spread the good vibes!