Hilarious AND sexy?

Christmas is almost upon us and at least every second customer coming in is looking for gifts and stocking stuffers for the occasion.

Today a man in his early 20s walked in a little bit shy, a little bit quiet. I let him walk through the store in peace and eventually he comes up to the front counter with a bottle of chocolate body paint and I think Oh that's nice, his lover will surely enjoy a nice edible body paint.

As if he read my mind, the man says Yeah, that's for my dad. Last year he got me a blow up doll in the shape of a sheep.

Oh. I see.

The sentiment of revenge here was challenged by the acceptance of sexuality between parent and offspring. Was the father able to stray from the thought of the blow up doll being in any way sexual because of its barnyard shape? Is the son about to be responsible for an awkward (yet humourus) Christmas morning? Or is this family really just as open, confident and relaxed about sexuality as they seem?

Either way, I think getting someone a sheep-shaped blow up doll as a gift for ANY occasion is a fantastically hilarious idea!