Honey Money

A few days ago, a slightly frantic looking man in a nice suit came into the shop.

He circled the shop a few times, in what I now recognize as a fake tour of the store; stalling to ask what he's really up to in here. So, when he was done pretending he was someone he wasn't he came up and asked me if I can hook him up with a Dominatrix.

Pimping, not my specialty I said but check out the back of the Georgia Straight or Oh! The internet!
I assured him that within blocks of here, there are several. They come in here but we don't have their calling cards to give out (yet).

He then asked me if I would do it for $500. One hour. Boss him around and order him to masturbate. I didn't need to hesitate with a no but thank you. There are professionals with equipped dungeons and sexy teacher outfits that charge hundreds less than that.

It didn't compute to approach me with this scenario. That and a vocational test I took years ago pointed out that I'm at the 4th percentile of 80,000 people for 'money's a carrot I'll race for'. I guess I'd rather create a new braille from a stuccoed wall than play a pure money game.

He phoned a few minutes after leaving to say he's open to negotiation, that he'd pay more.

Sir / slave, you have the WRONG number, honey. But thank you for the strange.