Hot sex will cool the planet

Here is an op- piece that I wrote for Vancouver''s weekly magazine the Georgia Straight, online edition. 
Commentary | Provincial Election
April 14, 2009
John Ince: Good sex is the solution to our environmental crisis

By John Ince

Polls show that the environment is a major issue for most people in this election. Everywhere we look we see “Mother Nature on the run”, as Neil Young put it.

This eco mess has an obvious cause: rampant greed and consumerism. The world is being dug up, drilled, and polluted so people can have more and more of what they already have lots of.

And the mainstream parties—the Liberals and NDP—support this lifestyle. They favour more growth, more development, more wealth.

Traditional politicians offer no real solutions for our environmental crisis.

We at the Sex Party think we have an answer. And it’s a concept you will never hear discussed in the mainstream election process.

We think the root cause of our ravenous materialism and the whole environmental problem is sexual frustration.

Yup, we contend that people go nuts for stuff when they are not having good sex.

That’s because at the core of our being is a hunger not for stuff, but rather simple erotic pleasure.

Our genes have one simple mission: to reproduce. And to do that we need to have sex, so our genes gave us an immensely powerful erotic urge. We are horny by nature.

The trouble is few of us are getting our sexual due. While our genes are crying out for hot orgasms, the average person is sexually deprived. So under-sexed that it seems normal.

Through a complex and largely unconscious process that social scientists are only now beginning to understand, key institutions such as the church, the law, the education system, and the media pinch our wholesome, primal desire for erotic gratification into the narrowest channels, leaving us secretly frustrated and unfulfilled.

Institutions repress our sexual nature for largely unhealthy reasons. Space does not allow a discussion of that, but our Web site has lots of information on it.

Yet our society presents as over-sexed. Sexualized bodies appear everywhere: in the media, on the streets, in our elementary schools!

But it’s all sexual bravado. Erotic make-believe. The reality is that average folks aren’t getting much.

To deal with the subtle pain of erotic deprivation, people find relief in getting stuff—lots and lots of stuff. It’s a balm, but one that can never substitute for the genetic rush of sexual fulfillment. So the materialism madness continues unchecked.

No other political organization, not even the Greens, sees the vital relationship between sexual deprivation and environmental catastrophe.

The ultimate antidote to consumerism and the most pro-environment policy is to deliberately cultivate more erotic pleasure.

This will require changes in our schools, the media, our laws, and many other institutions. Read the platform of the Sex Party to learn about the specific changes we propose.

We encourage environmentalists of all persuasions to investigate the important link we see between sexual happiness and environmental peace.

Sexual heat will cool our planet.

John Ince is the leader of the Sex Party and its candidate in Vancouver-Point Grey.