I am speechless.

As I write this, I am having the privilege of sitting in on our Self Pleasuring for Women seminar. The ladies on the floor are explorers emanating the kind of excitement and curious energy that attracted me to body- and sex-positive movements. Devi, the instructor, is leading them in a breathing exercise. They are chanting. Someone has a laugh that reminds me of Ani Difranco.

I admire the range of people that come out to our seminars. Short of gender studies discussions, nights out at Vancouver’s fetish clubs, and watching Laci Green videos with friends on YouTube, The Art of Loving has been my first exposure to such open discussions of sexuality. These women are here to learn from Devi, to better understand their own bodies. The shift in energy in the room with each new exercise is remarkable.

I wish I’d had the confidence to come out to one of these seminars before working here – I didn’t know what I was missing!