Valentines Day is coming up and as someone who works at The Art of Loving I now find my self wanting to get a bit more creative in my valentines day plans. The classic flowers chocolate and amazing sex is always fun but what are some ways that can be improved?

Food ! My favorite thing in and out of the bedroom. This valentines try one of the edible massage oils or candles we carry in the shop. You and your special someone could also try bringing in a few fun foods to the bedroom such as berries or the classic whipped cream (just remember to keep all sugar away from the vulva)

Activities! This year me and my boyfriend are going to a wave pool (because we never grew up) because we both love water and then were making a pillow fort also because we never grew up. The best thing to do is to do what you both love what ever that may be no matter how fancy your friends valentines inst as may be. Of course you can also come to our creative kissing this valentines and have a cozy class with your partner.

A Sexy Valentines evening! Make Valentines a day to do all the things you and your partner love in bed. Clear your schedule turn off your phone and bring out all your favorite toys. Maybe even stop by the shop and pick up some new fun things to play with.

Heres Hoping all of you have a wonderful valentines.