I'll Show You Mine

More than half (57%) of women think their genitalia is an improper size. We all have something we’re unhappy about in the way we look, however a line has been crossed regarding women and their pussy.

The history of the relationship between women and their vulvas is complex and often gloomy. Since 2005, Google has reported an increase for searches related to the notion of a "normal" vulva, including "normal labia minora", "normal labia pictures", "normal labia size", and many more. Each search rose by more than 5000%.

I remember a few months ago, a woman walked into The Art of Loving wanting to post an ad on our billboard to help her find models to share their vulva with the world through the means of an amazing book (which is now resting proudly on my coffee table). I’ll Show You Mine features 60 vulvas and the stories that go with them. Sometimes silly, sometimes sad, sometimes emotional, and sometimes casual. Each woman was photographed twice in the same positions and conditions.

This is a beautiful, insightful book made in Canada and I recommend taking a look. 10% of the sales will go to local charities. You can get your copy at The Art of Loving (in-store and online). Show your support and share your stories!