There’s a chill in the air today guys, and there’s a saying for that: nippy. It’s distinctly nippy out there (and in here thanks to me and my hate for bras), and now feels like the perfect time to talk about nips. In the world of genital-centric sex, nipples often get neglected or left out entirely. But these little guys can be incredibly erogenous when stimulated, with some people even being able to orgasm just from nipple play!

Nipples are one of remnants from the period of human development when we are still sexually undifferentiated, which means that all genders get to enjoy the pleasure that nipple stimulation can bring. Nipple stimulation activates the same regions of the brain that are activated during genital stimulation, and also releases large amounts of oxytocin and prolactin, hormones which create feelings of bonding and trust, reduce anxiety, and promote feelings of sexual gratification. It also starts a physiological sexual response, which includes the hardening of the nipples (part of the same response that causes goosebumps.) So with all that in mind, here are some ways of stimulating nips!

Nipple clamps are basically like little tweezers or clothes pins that pinch the nipples. They can range greatly in terms of how strong the pinching mechanism is, and some of them have adjustable settings. Past that, the world is the nipple clamp designer’s oyster. Lots of clamps have different configurations of chains, attaching the two, or sometimes attaching them to other clamps on the clitoris or, I discovered today, septum (the middle part of your nose! Ouch!) Sometimes nipple clamps will have jewelry or other adornments added (like feathers, or little bells) which draws more attention to these oft neglected parts.

Some examples:

Bullnose nipple clamps
Butterfly nipple clamps
Glitz nipple singlets

Vibrating clamps:
Another way of spicing up the standard clamp is with the addition of vibration. Vibration on nipples can be powerfully stimulating, similar to vibration on genitals!

Another way to get those guys standing at attention is with the use of suction. Pumps use a vacuum to draw blood into the nipple, and can be used alone or with clamps or little elastics (similar to a cock ring) to trap the blood once it’s in. These can also be used to mimic the action of sucking, which gets those same hormones (oxytocin and prolactin) flowing.

Stimulating gels:
There are also gels available which create vasodilation, which is essentially the widening of the blood vessels to allow for more blood flow. These gels usually contain menthol, which feels cool to the touch, as well as other topical stimulants like cinnamon or capsaicin. The effect of these is that blood flows into the nipple causing it to swell and be more sensitive! These can also be used in comnbination with other nipple toys, some of them are even come in flavours, making for tingly, yummy nips!

One more note, as we speak there is a movement happening across the globe called Free The Nipple (on Instagram and twitter as #freethenipple). As someone who loves being naked and absolutely detests wearing bras, I urge everyone to get on board. Normalize breastfeeding, free the nipple. Seriously.