Kama Sutra is one of those brands that people come in looking for. It's probably a combination of the absolutely gorgeous packaging, the deliciously seductive scents, and the fact that they make sexy products that seemingly no one else on the market does.


One of the things that Kama Sutra does best is foreplay. Which makes sense, the 'Kama' in Kama Sutra means desire in Sanskrit, and foreplay is all about building desire. And even though the Kama Sutra is mainly famous for its zany sex positions (Spork anyone?) the majority of the book is actually about the philosophy of love, what triggers desire, and what sustains it. Western sex is too focused on genitals, and specifically (and iritatingly) on "P in V" sex. Often overlooked are all our many other erogenous zones, and the delight that can be found in slowly building arousal all through the body. 


In comes the Oil of Love. This product is literally about everywhere but genitals (genital adjacent, at most). It isn't a lubricant, and it isn't actually an oil; what it is, is a delciously scented water-based warming nectar, designed to bring people together through the exploration of the body. It comes with a little dropper, so it can be applied to just the right spots: nipples, behind the ear, backs of knees, hip bones, collar bones, all those sexy little places that often go overlooked. It warms on contact and more with light breath, and makes kisses subtly sweet. 


The basic premise is to slow down, take time to explore and kiss new places on bodies, and have your senses ignited by scent and heat. Good stuff Kama Sutra, good stuff.