Ok honestly? I hate the media. I hate the insane monkey circus it's become, like a throwaway episode of the Kardashian reality show, and it seems like it's gotten exponentially worse in the past year or so. It's maddening. This isn't a liberal phenomenon, nor a conservative phenomenon. This kind of idiocy transcends socioeconomic status, origin, identity; this is a deeply human problem.

I'm talking about today's vitriolic reaction to allegations of America's "president elect" having a predilection for golden showers. Pee. Piss.

This isn't a political blog, I'm not regularly a pundit and I have no social media presence. But I'm going to preface the rest of this post, because I have to, by clarifying my position. I despise Donald Trump. I feel no need to temper or soften that sentiment for the sake of accessibility or neutrality. I despise him for so many reasons, but wanting to be peed on by a sex worker is not one of them.

Popular media and social media pundits have, in their endless inanity, elected to ignore the more salient elements of treason from today's supposed intelligent leaks, and have instead chosen to latch onto the fact that Donald Trump supposedly hired women to urinate on or around him.

Because I'm sure there's a massive surge (oh god, so many terrible unintentional puns already in this post) in google searches on Golden Showers, let me explain what we're all talking about here. Urolagnia, (also urophilia, undinism, golden shower and watersports) is sexual arousal arising from the sight, sound, smell, feel, or taste of urine or urination. Healthy urine is nontoxic, and can be consumed safely (although is not suitable for hydration). Common practices include being peed on, peeing on another, drinking or smelling urine, or the "human urinal" (which is exactly what it sounds like.)

Let's not start associating golden showers with Donald Trump. Lots of upstanding citizens get turned on by the sight or scent of urine. Fact. Urolagnia is one of maaaaany many paraphilia (which is a fancy way of saying alternative sexual practices or desires. Fetishes.) and is probably more common than most studies reveal. Donald Trump thinks, speaks, and acts in terrible, detestable ways, but enjoying watersports, so long as its between consenting adults (potentially questionable for Trump, but that's a whole other issue), isn't one of them.