We-Vibe is one of those brands I get excited to talk about. Each toy they put out is a hit; the Touch and the Tango have some of the best rumbles out there, and the Nova is an innovation. But We-Vibe’s real crowning glory is their namesake toy, the original (and, in my opinion, hands down best) wearable couples’ toy. It’s a powerful vibe, and the motors have only increased in power and setting variety over the years. They’ve upgraded the material to the silkiest, medical-grade silicone, changed the G-spot piece to a sleekly designed, super-slim shape, and added a wireless remote. And just when you thought you must be at the zenith of vibrating couples’ toys, they release the We-Vibe Sync. Once again We-Vibe delivers.

Though complaints were rare, a wearable toy does have the challenge of fitting a full range of bodies. They played around with the shape a bit between the 3 and 4, making the latter a snugger fit, and subsequently re-releasing the 3 as the ‘classic’ when some customers missed the old fit. But the sync solves that problem, with a two-point adjustable hinge, that clicks into the exact shape and fit you want, and stays there. This means you can make it snugger or looser, and move the G-spot piece forward and back so that it sits in the exact right place.

We-Vibe’s other big innovation, and my personal favourite feature, is the We-Connect app. Download this app onto your smart phone or other device, and pair it with your favourite We-Vibe toy. You can now control that toy through the app from anywhere in the world, pretty enticing when you consider the fact that the We-Vibe is wearable…

The Sync is fully app-ready, and given that it stays in place while worn, this makes for some pretty sexy possibilities. Mondays at the office suddenly don’t sound so bad! It’s also a way to feel connected to your lover while you’re apart. Wakeup call from Tokyo, Melbourne, Rome anyone?

I'm tempted to say we're at the zenith here, but they've proven me wrong before. And given We-Vibe's track record of next-level awesome vibes, I'd be very, very happy to be proven wrong again.