International Weaker-than Day

Tomorrow, March 8th is International Women's Day!
Last year I took a martial arts class with women. This year I want to do something that says I love you.
I've decided to buy my favorite feminist a token of my appreciation. She might be reading this, so I won't tell you what it is. It will be nice and something I would like bought for me.
Okaaay, I'll be easy and share with you: A Macdonald's gift card for a shamrock shake. You're THAT special, baby-lady.
Lies! I won't give it away but how about join me in fortifying your favorite fighting member of the 'weaker' sex with a symbol of your love?

I love feminists. The word has lost it's cache with some, but it's a special marker other than the word 'women'. The day to celebrate those kind and the underlying issues affecting women and their children, women who care about that stuff, and not about those who suck proverbial cock like it's colostrum.

Or how about the ones who try and lead... like sociopaths. You know, dictatorial without vision or an understanding of respect but expects enthusiastic allegiance? Maybe leaves you sucked dry of your goddess given inspiration or will to live, which is quite possibly her vision - who's to say? The fairer sex in Orwellian speak.

No, it's got to be about women who stand on their own and know what power can be. I met a female chief at a retreat who was incredible in how powerful she was, even when just sitting there. She gave off power fumes. Lacking hubris or entitlement in spite of being a chief and a lawyer from an Ivy League institution. Probably one of the most amazing humans I'll meet. Not to mention, she was a superlative giggler which is always a sign of quality. I remember feeling relaxed, inspired and holiest of holies: intact around her. 

So cheers to women who actually like women, maybe even themselves too. Friends who travel with you, laugh deeply and 'get it'. I used to volunteer for the Women in View festival and whoever says women aren't funny need to back away from the tv specials as I almost fell off my chair laughing many a time.