The Internet Made Me Do It…

Apparently (I can’t stress that word enough), the Internet is making us sluttier. Not just social networking or dating sites, but the Internet in general. Surveyed fact: 70% of women and 63% of men use Google and online search tools to screen potential dates. I mean c’mon, who here hasn’t googled their own name?

Also interesting, 81% of surveyed people said that they would not un-friend an ex on Facebook. That means that (probably) at least 80% of said people have at one time or another made the conscious decision to do something wild just to shove their ex’s face in photos filled with captions like “Teehee”. How many of us occasionally Facebook-stalk their exes? Out of those, how many of us have huffed and puffed at photos or posts of them being flirty or perhaps even *gasp* content in a new relationship?

There you have it, blog-readers; it is not your fault that you went home with a stranger for casual sex! Nor is it your fault that you have photos of yourself with your arm around 6 different good-lookers posted in the last 6 days! Rejoice!