Is the intimacy gone?

When you're in a long-term relationship, sometimes sex just doesn't happen. Whether it's due to stress, medications, or just life getting in the way, it's always best to talk to your partner about it.

My primary partner and I respond to stress very differently. I want to have all the sex in the world, while he doesn't. It is a bit frustrating but I can just encourage you to communicate with each other and make compromises. I would suggest talking about it in a non-sexual situation. Maybe something is going on, maybe he's just being lazy. Explain where you are coming from, and that you want to feel intimate with him and for you sex and touch are an important part of that. If he doesn't want to have sex, he could do other things, like cuddle or touch you. You could also try touching yourself in front of him when he says no. Start taking care of business yourself and see if he doesn't come help you finish. Sometimes it can take effort to switch mind sets. Guys are more compartmentalized than women in that way, in my experience anyway. Approach it as a conversation though. Be open to what he has to say. It is most likely not personal. I understand completely why it feels that way, but if what you are really missing is intimacy don't confuse that with sex.

This TED talk video definitely helps as well and I highly recommend watching it.