It's All You

I've had a number of customers come into the store asking after penis enlarging technology, Vaginal tightening surgury, and various "herbal" enhancers. To some I regretfully inform them the product they are after does not exist. To others, I say "You just need a little thought and hard work, you don't need surgury."

Unfortunately, in our age of modern medicine and media-body-image-"ideal" consumer culture, most of us are convinced that we are not good enough just as we are. We've been taught to constantly feel inadequate and to trust in a plastic surgeon to make everything perfect.

This is absolute horse crap.

All you need is a little time for self awareness and a little self love (yes, both kinds). Feeling good about yourself FEELS GOOD and you don't even have to spend any money or several weeks in recovery to do it. It's your body, a part of you, and it's the reason you're able to feel pleasure and experience another person's skin against yours. Don't hate, love, it's all you. Everything is there for a reason. There is a reason to appreciate all of it. Work it.

It's your body, if you feel the need to change it in any way that freedom is yours. That's part of the beauty in it too.