Lace Embrace

How does someone who wears puffy harem pants and hiking boots talk about fashion? Normally, I suppose she doesn’t. There is, however, an experience I want to share.

I bought a wedding dress from the VGH thrift shop on Broadway and Main because I loved the lace and 70s style flowy sleeves but hated the shape and length. I wanted to get it altered a little while keeping its uniqueness and 70s-ness. So I crossed the alley behind my apartment building and went it into a lovely little shop called Lace Embrace that I noticed walking passed.

I walked in thinking I would get the dress shortened and shaped and maybe I’d get a coloured sash or something. I was wrong.

I was a little nervous at first when I realized this wasn’t a typical lingerie/alterations shop, but an atelier making original and beautiful corsets. I got talking with the wonderful ladies working there and lots (LOTS) of ideas were thrown around. Before I knew it I was in a change room getting laced up into a corset by one of these ladies (who now holds title of seeing my boobs earlier in the relationship than anyone I’ve ever met).

Long story short, the dress now completely revolves around a custom made corset and the flowy sleeves are now part of a matching bolero.

I wanted to share this experience because my eyes have been opened to corsets and tight lacing and it’s all thanks to a unique, gorgeous store/atelier and its lovely ladies who made us (my mom and sister were there too) feel welcome, comfortable, and looking and feeling damn good! (Seriously, my recently injured back felt straightened and weightless when I was laced up)

Check out their upcoming Parisian Antique Corset Exhibiton and Soiree on Sunday May 27th 2012.