LGBT Superheroes!

As a lifelong fan of comics, I am all for representation of minorities in a postive light. People of colour and LGBT superheroes definitely need more of a presence (because come on, you get bored after reading years and years of the same copy and paste heroes who don't challenge the status quo!). Luckily, the comic industry have been slowly starting to introduce more different types of heroes to the mix! Here are my top 4 LGBT heroes!

4)Wiccan & Hulkling from Young Avengers (Marvel Comics) (Despcription from Newsrama)

"When the Avengers disbanded for several months, a new team of teenage heroes rose to fill the void. These Young Avengers included the mystical Wiccan and the super-strong, shape-changing Hulkling.

Wiccan is Billy Kaplan, the eldest of three brothers. Thanks to the weird energies/influence of the Scarlet Witch (a mystical mutant and former Avenger), Billy gained magical abilities. Hulking is Teddy Altman, who learned that he was not human but was actually a hybrid born of two alien parents: Princess Anelle of the Skrulls (green-skinned, shape-shifters) and Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree (human-looking warriors with superior strength and vitality).

In the original Young Avengers series, writer/creator Allan Heinberg intended to reveal that teammates Billy and Teddy were a couple in issue #12. But to his surprise, many fans picked up on the clues of the first two issues and quickly concluded the truth. Recently, the Young Avengers disbanded after a disastrous mission. Months later, Hulkling proposed to Wiccan and, that very night, the two were told that they were now considered official Avengers. This all happened in the pages of Avengers: The Children's Crusade #9, which was the first comic to feature Teddy and Billy sharing a true kiss, nearly seven years after their introduction. "

3)Karolina Dean & Xavin from Runaways (Marvel Comics) (Description from Newsrama)

"Created by Adrian Alphona (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane) and Brian K. Vaughn (Lost, Y: The Last Man), Karolina Dean (once nicknamed Lucy in the Sky) was introduced in the pages of Runaways as one of several teenagers who discovered that their parents were secretly members of a super-villain group. Kar, a free-spirited vegan pacifist, discovered that her parents were not merely famous Hollywood actors but were also alien invaders of the Majesdanian race. Her heritage meant that she could manipulate and expel solar energy, her natural form was actually luminous and fluid, resembling a person composed of shifting rainbows.

Kar later met a Skrull prince named Xavin who had an arranged marriage with her from years before. Xavin loved Kar and was devoted to her, but she explained that she was attracted to women. Being a Skrull, Xavin was able to shape-shift and decided to solve the problem by becoming a woman. Kar was against this and was bothered that Xavin still took on male form during combat because she/he felt it was more intimidating. But as time passed, Xavin would transform into a female during times of stress or when her body forcibly reverted to its default form. Karolina realized that Xavin mentally and truly identified as a woman now and their relationship truly began to grow. "

2)Deadpool (DC Comics) (Description and more info on Deadpool's sexuality from Tumblr)

"Fellow Deadpool writers Christopher Hastings and Gail Simone have confirmed that Deadpool is pansexual/omnisexual. Hastings also announced that the upcoming Deadpool annual was written for Spideypool (A portmanteau for Spiderman and Deadpool as a couple) fans, the release is set for May 21st 2014 but no other details are known."

1) Batwoman (DC Comics) (Description from Newsrama)

"The original Batwoman was Kathy Kane, a circus owner and thrill-seeker who seemingly decided to adopt the life of a costumed adventurer for the sheer fun of it (and to get Batman's attention). She was introduced in 1956 in response to comic book critics who alleged that the Dark Knight was homosexual and that his stories were partly gay propaganda. After a few years of fun misadventures, Kathy Kane largely vanished from comics.

50 years after Kathy first appeared, a new Batwoman debuted in the world of DC Comics. Kate Kane (a relative of Kathy's) was a woman who had lost her mother and sister to kidnappers when she was a child. Later on, Kate joined the U.S. Army, as her father had before her, but the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy later got her into a situation where she could either come out as a lesbian or allow someone else to be investigated. Kate came out and left the military behind.

A later encounter with the Batman convinced Kate that there was still a way for her skills and training to be useful. With her father as her aid, Kate wages war on Gotham's criminals as the Batwoman. She has been romantically linked with Reneé; Montoya and, more recently, with Maggie Sawyer, an old friend of Superman's. DC's New 52 reboot didn't really alter Kate's history, and she is now the star of her own comic book series. "


If you want to know more about LGBT friendly superheroes, check out Wikipedia's page for it!