Life with Doctors

2 recent events: The first is my recent visit to the doc’s. I got an IUD inserted so there was a lot of probing with a lot of tools and a lot of conversation and distraction from said probing.

The second event is the running into an article in Good Lifestyle online mag about women’s experiences going to see a gynecologist.

I automatically compare the two and I feel lucky. A list of stats told me that very few gynecologists ask about sexual pleasure, only a bit more than half even ask about your sexual activity and some openly disapprove of whatever you may say your sex life is like.

I remember the pre and post insertion conversation with the doctor and the resident (a middle-aged woman and a young woman) being very open, and they even pushed to make sure I understood that if I were to have sex with someone other than my current partner to make sure to wear a condom. For all they knew I was into group sex, swinging, affairs, was about to be dumped or dump, etc etc without judgement and although I did appreciate their honesty and openness then I especially do now after reading that article.

Anyone need a recommendation on a great women-friendly clinic in Vancouver?