Long distance, long smistance…

After having been with my beau for a couple of years, we were forced to physically part ways as my European visa was terminating and Irish politicians remembered that they hated foreigners. For the past 10 or so months, I have been in a *gasp* long distance relationship. I shan’t sugar coat, it sucks major donkey balls. However, as I am currently in a sparkly rainbow-like ray of positivity (probably due to our reconnection time being just over T-minus 2 weeks!) I wanted to write about the positive aspects of living long-distance.

What makes it easier is that we have an active time line. We know when visits are going to occur and we know when we’ll finally be living in the same country again. Keeping this in the back of our minds, we have been able to work on ourselves in ways that living together would never allow. I have gotten to know my body better than ever before because I have the time to take care of it and listen to it without having to think about pleasing someone else. The last time my (oh-so patient) man was over, we had an incredible time in bed because of how much we’d learned about ourselves from the separation.

These are important lessons that I am learning now about how important it is to keep myself in line with, well… myself in a relationship and I hope to keep that mentality throughout our relationship and I hope that he does as well.

All the hassle of long-distance is definitely worth it if you’re doing it for the right reasons. But for the record, it still sucks major sweaty donky balls.