Love and Rockets

No, not the comic. Sorry guys.

Recently I met an interesting fellow. He spent most of the night excitedly chatting about his love of everything science and his desire to build a rocket ship. Not one of those baking soda dealies either, straight to the moon. The other important fact about this guy is that after the party ended he spent his time (into the wee hours of the morning in fact) banging my friend to her heart's content. The long and the short of it is: he's a science guy who also loves to give the ladies what they want. This guy gets a big seal of approval and my personal endorsement.

Guys (and girls) who are good at both science and sex tend to be awesome people, not to mention hard to come by (pardon the terrible and inaccurate pun). For some reason these two topics are often not casually discussed in social circles, possibly because during adolescence we learn that science is for nerds and sex is taboo. Clearly, teenagers have an tragically underinformed world view. Science is cool, sex is fun, and nerds are sexy.

I have gotten down with a few sexy rocket scientists in my day. They are attentive lovers and I often got the feeling I was beeing looked at like a puzzle box or rubik's cube they just had to master. Scientists cannot resist the lure of solving the problem and winning the game. They learn all your buttons, how and when to push them, and consistantly get the desired result.

Apparently women are sorta like computers after all.

Rock on you sexy scientists.