A Lovely Stroll

I was walking to work today, a casual stroll as I was early and enjoying the lack of rain and the quiet of a Sunday morning. In my calm state of mind, I naturally started fantasizing. Nothing too hard core, just little glimpses of what I’d be doing had I still been warm in bed with my partner. Suddenly a bicycle speeds in my direction so I stop to let it pass. I smile at the young man and with a slight show of his teeth, he hisses. That’s right, a man on a bike hissed at me. I kept walking but my fantasy was totally destroyed by this… odd and unnecessary act of defensiveness.

Eventually, as I crossed through a park, I noticed a dark and bushy clearing (perfect for sneaky sexual deeds). My fantasizing mind had recovered and I was back on track. After only a short few seconds of freedom, a homeless man through an empty can at my feet and asked me to pick it up. This also was an act that I did not understand. I’m sure the man had a goal, but I was lost as to what it was. I handed him the can and once again, my head was obscured by daily weirdness. I figured at that point I would be too distracted to continue any sort of fantasy and this stroll would be void of sensual mirth.

I was half way to work now and managed to return to my original warm, home-based fantasy. Walking had once again become pleasant and I was able to shut my brain off from the cars zooming past, hissing cyclists and flying cans. I casually glanced at my phone and saw that I only had a few minutes left to arrive to work. My eyebrows shot up in the air and I started running towards my destination.

Unfortunately, these morning fantasies never recovered. *sigh*