Lubes, Lubes, and More Lubes!

The most common question I get is this:

"What's your favourite lube?"

Along with:

"What do you recommend?" "What's thick but not sticky?" "Why do we have to use water-based lubes with silcione toys?" "What's the easiest to clean?"

Sometimes people are kind of ashamed when it comes to asking these questions. I've actually seen women get put down by men OVER THE INTERNET about not being "wet" enough. It's natural to not be totally soaking wet every time you get turned on, espeically if you take birth control such as the pill.

Anyways, I'll answer those questions here, just in case one of you decide that you do want to try it out, but are too shy to actually ask what's best. You also don't want to spend 20 dollars on a container of lube that you don't end up liking, since you kind of can't return them.

1) "What's your favourite lube?"

Well, I honestly don't have a personal preference. I actually do prefer silicone lube, which is why I use Jo Silicone Warming Lube, which you have to be careful about with how much you put on. It has a very strong minty smell and taste, which I actually enjoy. Wow, my vagina smells wonderful! (You don't hear that a lot). It does burn if you put too much on your clitoris though, you have to be careful with that. With a water-based lube, I'm still trying out all of the ones that we currently have in stock. Liquid Silk would be my favourite right now, as I've only tried that, Slippery Stuff, Jo Water-Based Warming Lube (not that great) and am just about to start a new bottle of O' My Natural.

2) "What do you recommend?"

Combining my personal preference, feedback from our customers, and how often they sell, I usually base it off of all three when it comes to recommending a product.

I always recommend Slippery Stuff as the price literally cannot be beat. Only $29.95 for a 16 oz bottle of lube, versus a 4.5 oz for $18.95, HELL YEAH! The only difference though, is the quality. If you don't care much about price, I often recommend Uberlube for silicone lubes and Hathor Aphrodesia for water-based. Hathor is made in Vancouver and is 100% natural. It's also great for people who are sensitive to smell and taste, as it literally smells and tastes like nothing. Remember, silicone lubes can't be used with silicone toys!

3) "Why can't we use silicone lube with silicone toys?"

Right? They're made out of the same material, so why not?!

It CAN be used, as the silicone years ago is now way more advanced today. The reason why though is simply because silicone reacts with silicone. It can cause discolouration in the toys, degrading the quality overtime. Even though it's somewhat okay to use silicone lubes with silicone toys, it's best not to. Water-based lubes are easier to clean off, but silicone lubes last longer and can be used with water play.

4) "What's thick, but not sticky?"

This is tricky, mainly because a lot of water-based lubes tend to be sticky during sex, and you don't want to go and wash your hands off and ruin the mood.

Maximus and Liquid Silk are basically best friends. They're very similar to each other, but Liquid Silk is not sticky whatsoever and the only drawback is, is that it's not as thick as Maximus. Maximus is the thickest lube we have, and was designed for anal play. It's not as sticky as the other water-based lubes. So it's the best we have when it comes to thickness! Maximus does contain glycerin, which isn't recommended for women to use if they have a history of yeast infections.

Basically, here is how I would describe the lubes for their best uses.

Anal - Maximus
Non-Sticky - Liquid Silk
Best Water-Based - Hathor Aphrodesia
Best Silicone-Based - Uberlube
Clitoral Stimulant - O' My Clitoral Cream
Cheapest - Slippery Stuff