A personal message to any males out there who may happen to check in on this blog from time to time…There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little bit of “manscaping” here and there.
A lot of women spend copious amounts of time and money on hair, make-up, toning up, slimming down, dressing up, waxing, shaving, trimming, you name it. Yes, sometimes it’s for ourselves or to look good when we’re out with the girls but we spend a lot of time and effort looking our best to many a man’s benefit.
So, all I’m asking is for the males out there to make a tenth of the effort in keeping yourselves up (down there). I’m not talking about a full on make-over, waxed into the shape of a heart or your lover’s initials. A simple trim once in a while will do! Not too much to ask I think?