Men – Don’t assume your partner enjoys semen

I’d like to introduce Dr. Peter Thraft. He describes himself as a sex and relationship therapist on Twitter and he is abso-effing-lutely hilarious! Whether you want a cry or a laugh – check him out and read through his tweets. They are graphic, honest, sometimes absurd and generally just really entertaining.

Go on, make yourself smile: @DrPeterThraft

Some examples:

Ladies, when involved in a MMF threesome excite the men by telling them you would like more penises.

Testicles should be held with care.

Men, as you fall asleep with your partner rest your hand on her vagina and whisper 'I will always protect you'.

Long distance relationships can be problematic due to the distance.

Ladies, erectile dysfunction is no different from an arthritic leg. Have patience.

You get the gist.