Mmmuay Thai

The 'Strap ons for Tops' seminar the other night reminded me of a fine image I had tidily forgotten.
I had an uber fit girlfriend years ago who played every sport imaginable. Her side of our walk-in closet was literally 2/3 full of sporting equipment. 
When she bought herself her first (Red Jaguar) strap-on I asked if she would make its red carpet debut wearing at least one piece of every sport outfit all at once. A goalie-masked, knee-padded, skate -wearing, erection-wielding monstress emerged with a mission to destroy my sensibilities. Defying gravity, she flicked me over her shoulder and we did what 1.8% of the audience of any skating event wished they were watching.

When I was in Thailand a few months back, I served myself a ringside taste of my sex goddess - the sporty gorgon in the form of a Muy Thai bout. Women who could kick your head off like candy in a pez dispenser. And now for a limited time, a project fueling this brand of hot: