Mom Day! Now what does mom have to do with 'ahem'. Let's find out.

A man asked me why I worked at this place. We get asked this a lot, of course.

"I became really interested in Women Studies after doing the Poli Sci, Sociology, English tour."

"You don't look like a feminist."

I mentally took a stride across the street where the sun was shining, as I was stuck in a room with this guy blowing up balloons.

"Well, um thanks not so much. My mom used to ritualize people watching. You know, go to various spots where interesting people were. Schizophrenics off their meds, fat families. She'd wait until one showed up, buy them a meal or we'd just eat candy and watch." He took this as an answer, so I guess it made sense.

Not so ironically, mom introduced the idea of valuing kindness and respect above everything else human. (Well, body odour, I'd say vetos). She's why I told a buddy the other day, who's apparently got a 'pat her ass up the stairs' affectation,

"Touch my ass, -- and I'll kick you in the face." And mean it. Actually, look forward to it.

Appreciating love in all its forms, my mom a few Mothers' Days back; lost her mind at a picnic I took her on at Jericho beach.

The grass was teaming with moms being picnicked. Unfortunately by the lake, a duck was undergoing gang rape. It's a common thing as I've seen it twice.

Imagine your pudgy, favorite elementary teacher running around screaming and kicking,
"Get the fuck off her, you little assholes!" and "I'll get you, you little bastards!", before all the ducks, including mama duck reconvened.

And that's why I work here.