More Games = More Play

     A vivacious lady just complained about how deflated her sex life has become and wants to know how to get the hots back with her partner of ten years.
     Every customer is different. That same question from another may beg the answer, "Tried a spanking session recently?" and illicit an inspired response.
     For her, though it was more general - in the 'lifestyle' section, or so my intuition was yelling at me. I suggested she share more games with him. I sensed that they loved and liked each other but their activities were lacking any umph, regardless of any sex.

     She lit up and noted that their only shared moments now were making some dinner and watching tv, and while pleasant, wasn't exactly flaming her desire.
     She thought about possible 'games' or stuff to do for a second. "Ya! Hikes!" They hadn't gone hiking in a very long time. Strange season to start that particular activity, but maybe warming up after the 'thrill of the mountains' will be sweet. I hope they explore their way back into each other arms beyond the couch, and maybe back into our sex shop.