New Year and Frigid Waters

Most years, a NEW year isn't anything but a reason to pay a band 3 times their usual rate to play the same songs, a hangover the next day to eclipse any encountered the entire winter season, and an excuse to set myself up for disappointment at seeing my resolutions morph into dissolutions.

Not this year! I didn't go out to enjoy live music, but rather went to a very intimate gathering among friends and strangers. That was an improvement right there. Not feeling ripped off is a pleasant beginning.

Meeting a woman who hosts a yearly polar bear swim party, I committed to show up and wear whatever costume she gave me. The time was set for much later than the polar bear horde, so there wasn't an out in case I 'happened' to sleep in.

So almost at dinnertime, a dozen strangers and one new acquaintance and I ran shrieking into the frigidly cold waters of English Bay and swam around for an impressive second or two.

My resolutions are intact. I didn't aim for the stratosphere as I'm old enough to know better about what growth actually entails, but it was without a doubt; the whole-bodied dunk into water so cold it forced me to be present and awake that has kept me walking the uncomfortable unknown this past 10 days.