Non Violent Communication

As I've mentioned before we have quite an extensive library in the store, much bigger and more diverse than any other sex shop I've been to. 

So I'd like to make my first reccommendation for a great read.  It is Marshall B. Rosenberg's "Nonviolent Communication", a language of life.

I was first exposed to "Nonviolent Communication" or "NVC" during a personal development and career exploration course I took earlier this year. 

I cannot relate how much it has changed my life.  It has given me a totally different perspective on relating to people and owning up to my own stuff. In a nut shell it kind of breaks down why we have so many misunderstandings when dealing with others.  It's about connecting through empathetic listening, to others and to ourselves. 

We, as people are just trying to get our feelings and needs met.  So often we feel misunderstood, overlooked, judged, etc.  Marshall lays it all out in his book.

Over the years I have read a few self help and inspirational books.  None of them has been as real and real life as this one.  I only wish that I'd read it years ago! 

Come on down and check it or order it online HERE