Now, where did I put my trenchcoat...

This weather! I say! It puts me in mind of many lovely things, like flowers, and blowjobs in the park.

What with school mostly done, I find myself daydreaming of fun outdoor date ideas in between internship applications. And, as we know, all good dates end in sex, so what better way to end an outdoor date than outdoor sex?

I’ve only done the nasty in the open air once, but it whet my appetite for sex of the riskier sort. So what are your favourite locations for indecent exposure? A friend advised that the beach might sound snappy, what with all the connotations of bikinis and Jason Priestly, but what about the sand? Ahhh. Now that I think of it, even the fewest of granules would horrible. Basically the opposite of lube, as she described it. Yeugh. No.

But there are lots of other options. Up a tree? In the woods? On a rocky outcropping overlooking the sea? I’ve done it on the roof of a building already, so high five there. Any other ideas? Confess away!