Recently, during a dating adventure, a man expressed interest in having me come back to his place for some afternoon romping fun. Since that is not at all what I am looking for, I explained that I am not looking for random hookups but am looking for a connection type relationship. I don’t need/want random hook ups, I have a solid relationship at home where I have great sex! He didn’t relent, so I offered him another option… Give me things, buy me things… Money, gifts, whatever… I will be as random and nsa as you want then. He thought I was joking at first, but I assured him I was not. I know the whole arrangement is not socially acceptable or “normal”, but why is it that men can demand, beg, whine, push, manipulate for casual nsa sex and that IS socially acceptable? I mean, I have nothing against casual hook ups, whatever floats your boat! But when I clearly state that is not what I am after and you still try to persuade, I think I will then ask for something in return. Why not? You are asking for what you want, therefore, I will ask for what I want. Spare me the “I’m so offended you would ask that” line and think about how us women feel when you are requesting us to open our legs for you, nsa of course.