Oh, Jimmy.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a couple of reps from Jimmyjane who kindly provided us TAOL staff with their Form 2 vibrating toys. I had considered buying this cute little gem but wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the cashola because, I'll admit, it costs a pretty penny at $189.95.

Since adding it to my collection I kind of regret not having purchased it earlier. As the owner of a vulva that appreciates strong, direct vibration it's been a perfect addition to my vibrating family. Normally to get this intense a vibration you need a huge toy like the Hitachi magic Wand (which is great in its own way) but the Form 2 performs well, especially for its small size.

A definite recommendation from me! Plus it has been lovingly nicknamed by our customers. My favourite examples are: the pink bunny, tooth, and tiny pants.