On the front desk here at the Art of Loving there is a product I find myself answering a lot of questions about. The oil of love by Kamasutra is a fun body oil that everyone should taste at least once. The best part is how many flavours it comes in.

    The best way to use Oil of Love is to drip it onto erogenous zones and then kiss and lick at it to increase fun sensation. The little trick is when you blow on it, it heats up and creates a warming sensation across your partner’s skin. It is available in many flavours but my personal favourite is the vanilla because it tastes and smells a bit like cookies and what could be sexier than cookies.

      I think the reason this is so popular is because it takes the serious of out of sex. You can’t enjoy this without a few giggles about how you’re essentially turning your partner into a dessert. Next time try combining Oil of love with whipping cream or berries to really enhance the desert like experience. So come by the Art of Loving sex shop in Vancouver or check our online store to get some of this fun oil for yourself.