Online Dating

It seems that most couples don't actually meet in person before they begin a relationship anymore. It's so much easier to get to know someone over the worldwide web and form a strong bond with them before even seeing them in perosn. Of course, sometimes we get catfished (thankfully I did not) and end up disappointed, but sometimes it's a hilarious thing to tell all of your friends about. A year ago, I decided to get Tinder, like so many other adults. I had a delightful, but also horrible experience, with that app for many different reasons.

I signed up and posted the most sensual photos of myself (keep in mind I have a 42E chest and it's hard to cover even when I'm wearing my dad's t-shirts). Within seconds I had matches and somewhat attractive guys trying to hit on me. It was such a thrill, mainly because I was a virgin back then and I never knew I was wanted!

Soon enough, I began to rely on dudes I never met to make me feel better about myself. After hooking up with a few guys (one that failed miserably after a night of drinking and this dude had whiskey dick), I decided to get rid of that app. I actually met two really nice guys on there though, who I'm still facebook friends with.

After Tinder, I still wanted to find "the one," as lame as that sounds.

I made an OkCupid profile and expierenced the same, but it ended up a bit differently.

There was this one guy who messaged me out of no where (before I even put up anything) and he was about 15 years older than me and was like "hey, come over to my house and play GTA with me. I'll pick you up!" Er, no thanks.

I had a few others like that, who I didn't even reply to. I also went on three dates with one guy who was lovely, but I didn't have a sexual connection with.

Then, when I was back in Regina, I started talking to this one guy and he was amazing. He loved the things I loved, never asked me for nudes (very important!!) and I began to fall in love.

We're still together after 6 months, and are currently living together.

It doesn't always end badly.