An Open Letter to a Public Masturbator

Hey man,

Listen, I can understand exhibitionism. I get it, really. There are however, a few differences between exhibitionism and harassment... CONSENT being the main one. I mean come on, dude, wandering into a shop and playing with yourself while staring at a stranger is adding a whole new meaning to the phrase “willy nilly”.

Maybe you thought you weren’t doing anything wrong by trying to jerk off in the store (you were). Maybe you thought I’d just think you were getting something out of your pocket – something slippery and very hard to reach (I didn’t). Hell, maybe you thought I’d be into it just because I’m working in a sex shop (I’m not).

Here’s the thing. I did not consent to helping you get off. There are people you can go to if masturbating in front of someone is your thing. But your little performance, in a world where women are constantly facing the threat of sexual violence, in a country where 1 in 4 women are victims of sexual assault, is the warning sign of a rapist.

In short, not cool bro.

The Chick that Yelled at You