I thought I'd try dating someone I don't understand.
His english is limited. He thought I meant sushi when I said I was in Squamish, but I can more or less understand the other languages he speaks fluently so it's an adventure in conversing.
More importantly is that he's massively huge. I feel like a fridge magnet next to him. This is also new as I've generally gone for little monkey men I can wrap around my waist.
Last night I asked if he was joining us at the show and his text reply was, "Sory, I'm orcing." I suppose he meant working, but just in case, I looked up orc and then orc sex specifically. There is some discussion on it online. Orcs being these behemoth pseudo human creatures, of course; the spawn of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings. Well, the most helpful comment on procreating with an orc was simple:"One does not explain orc sex. One simply lays back and enjoys it." Cool.