Panty Master

Fetish. So many thoughts come to mind when this word is spoken…. Creepy, dark, pervert, leather, feet, piss, panties, bondage… I never really encountered another lover who had a serious fetish… Well there was this one man I met at a Tantric Retreat, he had this incredible foot fetish, in fact it triggered something so intense with me, that I now have a bit of a foot fetish as well (my feet being worshipped, tickled, suckled… it’s almost like having another pussy!). It wasn’t creepy or weird at all. In fact, it was in the top 10 for most sensual sexual experiences (and I’ve had a few). In the last little while I have come into contact with a panty fetishist, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Would he be this old, creepy, deviant dude who lives at home with mom and trolls CL because that’s all he can get? Who REALLY knows! I was ever so curious…. And boy was I wrong! He was clean, attractive, well dressed and very respectful. Fancy that!
I got to watch him devour my freshly worn panties… The energy that sparked and exploded was beautiful and intense, I was honored to be apart of such an experience. It was not creepy or weird at all. So, that’s 2 Fetishes that have lost their ability to be seen as “Weird” in my eyes… Although a point I should mention is that they never really were “Weird” to me, I just never really quite understood them…I wonder what’s next?