Paying the Visa Bill

You know what I love? Terrible euphemisms. Especially when they have to do with sex. We get them all the time here in the store, but they are usually pretty safe. We hear things like "doing it", "making love", "man juice" and so on. I recently found a few lists online compiled by people who have a strong hatred for sexual euphemisms and after reading a few of them, I can understand why! Still good for a laugh though. I thought I would share some of my favourites:

Feasting at Fatburger
Irish Toothache
Probing the Corruption
Ladies' Lollipop
Docking the Hovercraft
Making Puppies
Traversing the fjord
Backing up the hard drive
Trolling the Bus Station
Paying the Visa Bill
Blue Vein Meatroll
Business time (that's why they call them business socks, right F.O.T.C?)