Pendulum swing

I was just in a relationship with a guy who's well over 10 years younger than me. No biggy in and of itself however it was a contrast against the previous guy who's well over 10 years OLDER.

What tickled me the most about the younger is how much he really listened to my arguments. No screaming matches that inspire the neighbors to phone the police thinking I'm being assaulted kind of 'discussions'.

It was a nice respite to have a man simply nod after a moment of consideration.

Something like, "I know you think periods are gross (he said so), however that's when I'm often horniest. We gotta deal for 5 days a month, and you did live on it."

Or, "Women come first. It's the rule. Every time."

The old lady: she knows stuff.

My friend told me, "Don't confuse youth with angels", but I argue that for women it's a little different. Perhaps. Perhaps it's just really, really nice to not be confronted with self-righteous rigidity that so often comes with the pack of dangly bits.

I'd love to think this speaks of a whole generation of guys having been brought up with third wave feminist moms, but maybe it's just the recent memory of going for the A+ in school. A for awesome.