The Perfect Vagina

I watched a great documentary out of the UK on the weekend.

It was called, you guessed it, The Perfect Vagina.

In The Perfect Vagina, Lisa Rogers goes on a mission to try and understand why labiaplasty, a surgery that shortens the length of the labia minora, is the fastest growing cosmetic sugery in the western world.

She speaks with surgens and with women who are considering the operation. However, the most disturbing part by far is when she follows a 16 year old girl while she has part of her vagina chopped off to look more like a porn star.

Let me say that again

A 16 year old girl!

The documentary itself is pretty revealing. So many women don't realize that pussy is as varried cock.

No two look alike.

Trust me I have seen a lot.

Yet due to puritanical beliefs about sex education too many girls grow up thinking that they are freaks because their vagina doesn't look like the ones they can find on the internet. Body awarness and apprication is not taught when it comes to our so called "private parts". This isn't even sex education, it just body education that we deny our kids.

I love my Vagina, I don't think I have ever really thought to hard on the look of it until watching this documentary but I do love the way it looks. So much so I have even decorated it with rings through my labia. I have made pussy prints, covering my labia in paint and sitting on a canvas, making birds and butterflys and angles.

I am not against cosmentic sugery persay. I consider akin to body modification, which I am quiet fond of. I just want people to consider the moivations for the modifcation.

Does it stem from an insecurity of the body or a celbration of it?