Pickup Lines

I don’t get them. I really don’t get why people try to use them and I really really don’t get why they sometimes work. Is it because we laugh at how silly they are, or are we just trying to prove that we have a sense of humour? Is it the kind of thing that gets you a date, or that gets you laid?

I know, I know… I’m being a total buzzkill about this. But think about it, especially the women out there. If we keep reacting to them in a happily flirty way, they’ll keep coming like the energy bunny on Viagra. Do we really want that?

Right, you’re at a bar, coffee shop, library, whatever. A cute guy or gal comes up to you. Would you rather they said “Am I seeing double, or is that a fox on your shoulder?”, or “Oh hey, you’re reading X book, I just finished it. Can I join you for coffee?” or maybe a flat out “Hey, you’re cute. Wanna bone?”. I’m sure most of you didn’t answer the fox one anyway.

What’s that? You use pickup lines and think they’re awesome? Okay hotshot, I challenge you to try one pickup line that won’t make me roll my eyes.

Whatever, everyone’s online dating now anyway.