Prisoners of the Cold

I noticed that a lot of our blog posts lately have been a little on the negative side… We’ve talked about heartbreak, rape, and evil politicians. This is the time of year when the sun sets earlier and earlier every day, the weather is getting chillier and the rain is falling heavily over our heads. I understand this has a huge mental impact on the city and its citizens. In fact, every major breakup I have been through took place in September/October.

Today in work, a really mean older man walked into the store with the obvious goal of making someone’s day just a little bit worse. After he ignored me when I greeted him, he went to browse the DVDs, made a huge mess, then came to me at the counter and started yelling about one thing or another. If I tried to say a word in to calm him, he’d interrupt me with more yelling. So I just silently stared at him and let him blow his fuse until he eventually walked out.

This unhappy occurrence got me thinking… I really need to jump out of this wintry funk and into a hot, cabaret-like dance number! I noiselessly thanked the man for reminding me of exactly who I do not want to be in this life and moved on.

So my plan over the next week is to buy a bunch of fluffy pillows and soft blankets and really make my home feel warm and welcoming. Creating an environment that you’re happy to be in when it’s looking dull outside is an important part of keeping your sex life steamy! Having a few scented candles around is great too. Not just for the romance side of it, but also for comfort and the feeling of warmth. This way, whether I’m alone or with my beau, I know I’ll feel good inside and out.

So cheer up, fellow prisoners of the cold! There is life beyond summer and it’s up to you to go and grab it by the balls! Or… wherever your life prefers to be grabbed by.