Public Sex!

I admit. I am a huge fan of public sex. The fact that you can get caught by anyone and the spontaneity of the act is such a thrill for me. I would say I'm pretty experienced in that field (I've only been caught by a security guard once and I've been having sex in public since I was 15 and I'm 24 now), so here are some tips from a fellow voyeur!

1) Scout the area out first for the level of activity. Make sure the area is in a dark and low-traffic area. Playgrounds (at night), movie theatres in the back row, fitting rooms at large department stores (usually not monitored) and parks are usually good places! Parking lots are good as well but it will probably be monitored, so play it safe and try for a quickie.

2) Wear clothing that has easy access and easy to run in (just in case).

3) Take advantage of the weather! If it's foggy, it's easier to get away with public sex.

4) Keep an eye out for security cameras!

5) IF you're caught, have a sense of humour about it afterwards. Having a partner who can laugh with you when you're finished being lectured by a security guard is definitely someone you should keep fucking. Also it might be good to have some bail money in case you actually do get arrested. Just as a precaution!

Good luck and don't get caught! ;)